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Breakfast table setting is not as complicated as you may think.  The table setting for breakfast can be much more casual than a table setting for a dinner party. This is mainly because breakfast has become a much simpler meal. For those of us who even eat in the mornings on a regular basis, it is usually something eaten on the go, not thought about, definitely not relished.  When you invite people into your home for breakfast, you should make the breakfast table setting special, so they know the meal is meant to savored and not eaten in a hurried rush.

Breakfast table setting When entertaining, the morning menu generally used consists of fruit, cereal, then the main dish, which may be eggs (cooked in various ways), bacon, or broiled fish, always with hot rolls, muffins, or toast, and coffee.

 The Continental custom of serving honey or marmalade has been generally accepted.

Directions for a breakfast table setting for a simple menu

The practice of using the bare table with just place mats is acceptable. The principal reasons are there will be less items to wash, and it gives the table a fresher appearance.

For future reference, the lunch table is basically the same as it would be for breakfast.  You will just need to add serveware and plates according to your menu. A table-cloth is primarily used for dinner table settings.

First, start with a clean table and place a low, simple centerpiece. The centerpiece can be small vases of single stems of flowers, or even a fruit platter, or a bowl of whole fresh fruit. Next, mark each place setting by placing a simple place mat on the table. On each place mat, place the service plate(also known as a charger).

At the right of each service plate place a knife and, at the right of the knife, a spoon for the cereal ; at the left of the plate, a fork; at the left of the fork, the napkin.

Place the water glass on a small coaster matching the place mat and centerpiece, at the point of the knife. Lay the bread-and-butter plate above the fork. Place the butter spreader across the upper, right-hand side of the plate.

Place salt and pepper sets, each set on a small plate, between each place setting.  

The Fall breakfast menu is a perfect compliment to any breakfast table setting. It is flexible and the recipes are simple enough that you can feel free to add more items to the menu as you see fit.  Many of the recipes can be prepared in advance, as an added bonus.

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