Buffet Table Settings For Your Dinner Party

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If you want to set up a buffet table and your table is a good size, it can be left in the center of the room and filled with the food and decorations.

If the room is small, the table should be pushed back to the wall. The back side is then used for the decorations or a large food display, and the three sides used for food.

If the food of the planned menu does not seem to fill up the buffet table, add a tray of appetizers and relishes. Fill in the gaps with inexpensive food items like vegetables or pasta salad.

Use a large glass or wooden tray and in the center place a head of cabbage, a grapefruit or a big red apple into which vegetables, cheese or fruit on toothpicks are stuck. Around the base arrange celery and carrot sticks sunburst fashion. No matter what the menu, an hors d'oeuvre tray is an excellent addition to a buffet table, but don't use it if it makes the table appear cluttered.

When planning a buffet menu for your buffet table, be sure to include some foods which are units within themselves to simplify service. For example, preplate desserts and salads!  It always annoys me when there is salad on a buffet table with no salad plates.

Personally, I don't want my hot food cold food all jumbled up together.  If you dont have enough room on you buffet table to set out pre-plated salads for all of your guests, then just put out as many as you can.  Not everyone will want sald anyway.  Remember, buffet food must look pretty on the table as well as after it is served on the plate.

To make your buffet table even more beautiful you may want to place a simple centerpiece on the buffet table.  My friend Jennifer at decorating-ideas-made-easy.com  has a great tutorial on how to make your own easy but elegant centerpieces.  Her site is great but I must warn you, you will want to redecorate your whole house after spending a few minutes on her site!

Buffet Centerpiece

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