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The easiest way to learn how to set a table is to have a guide to help you to do it.  Our table setting diagram ebook has 20 different table setting diagrams to help you during your next dinner party.

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So What Will You Get In the Ebook???

The table Setting ebook is chock full of information the you will need to set your table for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, or any other Holiday.  Here are some table setting questions that will be answered in the Ebook:

What comprises a formal table setting?  Page 19

Where should you place a napking in the place setting?  Page 18

Where should the silverware for dessert be placed?  Page 10

In a formal table setting where does the wine glass go?  Page 24

Need a diagram for a round buffet table?  Page 22

What is the proper placement for salt and pepper shakers?  Page 12

........................Many more questions will be answered in the ebook, so make sure you sign up for the Dinner Party newsletter.  

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