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Hosting a tea party is a simple but elegant way to host a small group of friends in celebration of a special event.  This type of party would be ideal for a bridal shower, ladies group, or garden club meeting.

When a few close friends are invited over, the hostess pours tea, usually from a small table in the living room.

You can also set up a beverage area, where you guests can help themselves and prepare thier own drink just the way they like it.

Invitation styles can vary. For an informal tea, the hostess may send an evite with the date and time. For a small party, the invitations may be given by calling the friends you would like to attend. 

For a larger party whose purpose is to raise awareness of a non-profit organization, celebrate a birthday, or a tea party for a bride, the invitations should be printed or written on small white cards.

When written or printed invitations of any kind are issued, they should be placed in matching envelopes. Invitations should be received by the guests one week before the date of the event. Refreshments for a small party may consist of bread and butter sandwiches served with a cup of freshly brewed hot tea. Refreshments may include an assortment of tiny sandwiches, tid-bits, cookies and cakes. Coffee may be served in addition to tea. In hot weather an iced beverage is substituted for tea or coffee.

Menu for a Bridal Luncheon

Chicken Salad in Tiny Rolls

Pinwheel Sandwiches with Roasted Red Pepper and Goat cheese

Open Face Sandwiches

Stuffed Belgian Endive


Assorted Tea




Many of the items for this menu can be store bought then assembled at home. For example, many grocery stores have prepared salads in the deli section. pick up a container of salad, and a few small rolls for you tea party. Once you arrange them nicely on a platter, no one will know you got it from the store!

Informal Menu

Watercress Butter Sandwiches


Assorted tea with traditional accompaniments

 Turkey Salad in Puff Pastry Cups

Strawberry Finger Sandwiches
(ladyfingers spread with nutella and topped with sliced strawberries)

Petit Fours

Salted Nuts

Fruit Punch

Mini Cakes or Cookies
The menu items for this party menu are so easy and simple, no recipes are needed.  If you would like more ideas for other dainty tea party nibbles, check out the canape recipes page.



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